Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trip to NYC

Ok so this past weekend me my roommate mah girlfriend as well as his went on a school trip to nyc. i have never been there so it was pretty cool. we went through out central park then to the top of the rock and to the moma after. all together it was a pretty cool trip i'd like to go back sometime soon and do all the little things we didnt get to do. oh yea my school also left someone kid there cause he didnt show up to the bus on time. it was pretty funny kinda felt bad but it was his fault right? anyways turns out the "kid" wasnt really a kid he was more like a 34 year old man. he ended up getting back to my school alright but still the idea is kinda scary. being left 8hrs away from home having no money or a ride home. oh well off to my next adventure there shall be another post within two days

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